Hopkins County Hospital District/EMS

Hopkins County EMS currently maintains 12 MICU units and 2 Tahoe Emergency Response Vehicles. We have the AMBUS (Multi Patient Transport Vehicle) and WPU (Wildland Paramedic Unit) also available for use in our service area and for deployments. Our services currently cover all of Hopkins, Delta, Franklin, and Rains counties. Our EMS units are stationed in each county with ready response 24 hours a day. We have full time units available for every county that are stationed within that county. Hopkins County maintains 2 full time units along with a 12 hour truck on duty from 10 am to 10 pm, daily. We also have spare MICU units for back up, events, and deployments. One of the Emergency Response Vehicles is staffed by a supervisor daily, with one as a back up. We are just a couple months away from celebrating 1 year in our new headquarters. We are located at 116 Airport Rd., Sulphur Springs, Texas. Our Business phone for the Hospital District is 903-485-0050 Of course for any emergencies, dial 911 for immediate assistance. Remainder of the MICU’s are used as appropriate volume requires strategically placed throughout the 3 counties.

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